Writing Tips

Writing Tips
You will notice the colors of this page follow that of a stop light.  Green is at the beginning.  Yellow is for the middle.  Red is for the ending.  Have fun writing with your child! 

 Story Starters

Every story should start with a good story starter.  Below are some examples we have used.

One day at __________.

Ask a question

Sound Off!  (Crash!  Bang!  Crunch!  Plop!  Boom!  Shh!  Swish!  Ahhh!) 


Surprising Fact

Detailed Middle
Stories at this point in the year should have at least three good details.  Each sentence should include a who, what, and something interesting. 
For example:
1.  The dog ran.
2.  The brown dog ran across the road to my neighbor's house.  
Sentence 1 and 2 have a who and what, but only sentence 2 has something interesting.  
All the details of the story must focus on a specific topic.  We use the idea of taking a picture as a help to focus on one specific day or time.
It is also important for a story to show an order of events.  We are practicing using transition words.  The transitions we have used are listed below.  Other transition words may be used.

 Story Endings

Every story should have a good ending.  Below are some

examples we have used.

Share a wish, hope or a feeling

Ask a question

Tie it back to the beginning