Third Grade

Third Grade Music

See home page for Hot Cross Buns accompaniment (background music)

Third graders at Roundtown are learning how to play a melody instrument this year - the recorder! Here are some tips to help keep your recorder sounding great!

1. Whisper-blow.

2. Hold at a 45 degree angle.

3. Cover the holes completely.

4. Play slowly.

5. Make sure the pieces are attached tightly.

Click below to see Old MacDonald music and play along.

Musical Jokes and Trivia

(answers are at the bottom):

1. Why do hummingbirds hum?

2. How many lines are on the staff?

3. Why was the music teacher arrested?

4. What are the names of the line notes on the treble clef staff?

5.What is the most musical bone?

6.What are the names of the space notes on the treble clef staff?

7.What is a cat's favorite song?

8. Which note on the recorder is played by covering the thumb hole, plus all 7 holes on the front?

9. What kind of songs do planets sing?

10. What instrument family does the xylophone belong to?


1. Because they forgot the words!

2. Five.

3. Because she got in treble.

4. E G B D F (Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet)

5. The trombone.

6. F A C E

7. Three Blind Mice

8. C

9. Nep-tunes

10. Percussion.

Instrument Families

PERCUSSION: an instrument whose sound is made by hitting or shaking

STRING: an instrument whose sound is made by the vibration of its strings

BRASS: an instrument whose sound is made by blowing through a tube while vibrating the lips

WOODWIND: an instrument whose sound is made by air passing through or across the edge of a tube

To find out more about instrument families and hear examples from instruments you never even knew existed, click here .

To take a fun instrument quiz, click here .

To play an instrument game, click here .

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Try this song for fun. It only uses G,A, and B!

How about this spooky song that uses the new notes, E and F#!

Click on the link below to watch a video

How to Read Music 101 (includes Hot Cross Buns lesson)