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Dear Roundtown Families & Friends,

     Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!  As I write this message to you, the world is still working through a global pandemic.  The implications of this pandemic have dictated the school's efforts for months now.  Plans have been crafted and recrafted multiple times as we work through a moving target in the name of reopening our schools in a safe manner.  Principals and district leadership have spent much time this summer collaborating and working through options for our learners.  I want to ensure you that every decision that has been made was predicated upon safety for our children, teachers, and staff.  That being said, we know the current situation is fluid and unpredictable.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patience and your flexibility as we have communicated plans and anxiously awaited the start of school.  Thank you for your grace and understanding as we have literally created new systems and school-wide practices for nearly every aspect of school at Roundtown.

     If you are new to the Roundtown Family, then it is my pleasure to welcome you and you may expect a weekly update from me highlighting events from the week and sharing important events for the following week(s).  Each Friday afternoon, you will receive such an update via a Skyward email from me.  For those families returning, I greatly look forward to communicating with you again on a weekly basis to share the details of our wonderful school! 

     As we begin another school year (my twelfth as principal!) we realize this one will look different than any year we have ever had.  The advent of remote learning has given us much to consider and our teachers have worked tremendously hard this summer and during the end of last school year to improve their skills to provide such teaching and learning opportunities so children could learn from home.  Additionally, our teachers have had to rethink the typical classroom to accommodate our learners who will be joining us for in-person learning.  We have had to rethink such practices as recess, lunch, specials, hygiene practices, morning meetings, the sharing of materials, learning centers, and general classroom life in a completely different way to provide as much safe distancing as possible as well as to limit the numbers of people interacting with one another on a typical day.  I cannot give a big enough shout out to our teachers for their tireless efforts to think and rethink these practices to make in-person school as enjoyable as possible!  Please take some time this year to thank our teachers!

     My promise to you is that I too will work tirelessly on your behalf, as well as on behalf of the children, to make both in-person and remote learning as smooth and safe as possible.  During these past few months, going back to March, when our schools first shut down, I had the pleasure and privilege of being able to zoom, email, or talk to so many of you on the phone.  I valued these times to connect or reconnect with so many of you!  Our world has changed and shifted so much during these months from a pandemic standpoint and also from a social justice and equality standpoint.  Our school district is comprised of a rich tapestry of families and cultures.  Roundtown of course is a microcosm of our district and we celebrate the diversity of our learners and families.  We recognize that as a school system, we must always strive to be better, to listen to you, and to talk about how to best support ALL of our families.  We believe in the importance of teaching empathy and embracing all cultures with every interaction.  I promise to continue listening to you, reflecting on our conversations, and translating that into positive tangible solutions to make our school be the BEST it can be!  I am here for you and together, we will accomplish great things and overcome obstacles and challenges our world presents! 

     I look forward to working with you during another great school year!  I hope you will join us for our first opportunity to celebrate the school and your child's new classroom on Thursday, September 10 for our annual Back to School Night which will be held virtually via zoom.  More details will be coming for this special evening.  Regards for a memorable and meaningful school year!




Matt Miller, Ed. D.

Roundtown Principal                                                                                                                                 
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