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School Counseling

The school counselor visits classrooms periodically to meet all of the learners and teach skills to help them grow in the areas recommended by the American School Counselors Association: academics, social-personal, career awareness, as well as many of the state's academic and interpersonal standards. Part of the curriculum includes "The Green Circle", which supports the district's anti-bullying efforts.

This program focuses on pro-social skills and diversity awareness, presented in 3 lessons. The main goals are: bully prevention, peaceful problem solving, and creating a positive learning environment for all students.

"Green Circle" is about "Growing our World of People" by showing "Caring, Sharing, & Respect" and recognizes the fact that humans come in different shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, and ethnic backgrounds and that each person chooses his/her circle of friends.

These concepts begin in our elementary schools and continue in varying formats throughout the upper grades. The concepts are referred to during the year, to promote a safe, encouraging school climate. Key vocabulary is: "Caring, Sharing, Respect", Include, Exclude, Feelings, Friends, Family, Words, Actions, Choices, Mutual Respect, Alike, Different.


Mrs. Jami Zimmerman
School Counselor

We are Roundtown P.R.O.U.D.

Our school model for success in work and play puts it all together for students: 
P - Polite
R - Responsible
O- Outstanding (Quality) Work
U - Understand of Others
D - Dependable

Seeking Help: Starting Point for Community Resources

Dial 2-1-1 for information on a variety of mental and physical health needs in South Central Pennsylvania.

Family Resources in York, PA