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Roundtown celebrates December "Energy Bus Drives"

Congratulations to the following Roundtown Students who were named as our December Energy Bus Drivers displaying the following qualities every day: 1. Energy 2. Self-Control 3. Excitement for School 4. P.R.O.U.D

Our December Energy Bus Drivers: Paisley Brown, Owen Eisenhart, Callan Theroux, Keagan O’Donnell, Marin Long, Jacob Watson, Ryan Lawver, Ryan Carson, Clare Murren, Elianna Hedges, Learah Drawbaugh, Briella Gray, Muskaan Mughal, Hadley Yonkovitch, Randy Gentile, Lincoln Fisher, DJ Wertz, Jacob Specht, Olivia Glotfelty, Cooper Nguyen, Landen Anderson, Cameron Brandt, Elias Galarza, Emma Damazo, Harper King, Kenian Carballo-Figeroa, Leilani Thompson, Jake Stuart, Ruby Lumsden

Congratulations to our second round of Energy Bus Drivers!