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The Roundtown Elementary School offers a nurturing, interactive educational program to its 550 students in grades K-3. The child-centered program emphasizes the development of a love for learning and the building of communication skills throughout the curriculum. Music, art, informational media, guidance, and physical education are also important components of the developmentally appropriate curriculum.

The Roundtown instructional staff provides a strong educational foundation in a caring atmosphere. The active Parent Teacher Organization and Parent Volunteer Program offer support for the Roundtown students and programs. Tucked into country surroundings, Roundtown students enjoy a unique touch of rural warmth blended with modern excellence in education and technology.

Conflict Resolution is a major part of the Elementary Guidance Program, and at Roundtown the Playground Peace Table is an important tool.The students use it in a positive way to work out their differences. Both classroom teachers and playground assistants encourage the children to use problem-solving skills during their time on the playground. Adults serve as facilitators in helping the children become productive, positive problem-solvers. A special component of the problem-solving curriculum is the parent education program. The guidance counselor holds workshops with parents to teach them how to encourage their children to be peacemakers at home.

The current building replaced the original Roundtown Elementary School which was first opened in 1938. The students moved into the new building in November 1991.



Dr. Matthew Miller

Mrs. Erica Fabie
Assistant Principal