Children in kindergarten will sign out one book at a time. They may keep the book for one full cycle. They must return the book before signing out a new book. They may choose either a fiction picture book or a nonfiction book.

First graders will be choosing one fiction book and one nonfiction book. For those students interested in books from the chapter book section, they will need to wait until later in the year when their reading skills have improved. However, there are many chapter books in the picture book section. They are a little easier than the thicker, trickier chapter books. There is a special green spine label to indicate these books. It will be an exciting year as they become readers!

New this year for second grade is that they will be coming to the library two times each cycle! They will select select two books. They may choose their two from fiction, nonfiction or chapter books. They are encouraged to broaden their library knowledge and deepen their reading skills by exploring the entire library.

Third graders are the true readers of Roundtown. They will select two books from the library. They may choose their two books from any section of the library! They come to the library twice during the six day cycle. Among other literature sharing, we read all of the books nominated for the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award. Last year's winner was Monkey Goes Bananas. It will be fun to see if we can predict and choose the winner this year, too!