Character Building Activities



Hayshire Elementary is proud of its students.  Students are encouraged to show their "Positive Hayshire P.O.W.E.R in all areas of the school each day.  Hayshire has an excellent reputation for providing students with rich learing opportunities through which all students strive to achieve their full potential.  In addition, the Hayshire staff is dedicated to providing social opportunities so that Hayshire students can learn appropriate social behaviors to succeed both at school and in their world.  Please take a peek at some of these opportunities below that will continue to grow as the year progresses!

Positive Hayshire P.O.W.E.R.

Students at Hayshire are encouraged to be Polite in their actions, show Outstanding work in their academics, look for ways to solve problems in a Win-Win manner, display tolerance and Equality, and be Responsible for their learning environment. 




The Green Circle

The Green Circle is a program presented by our school counselor, Mrs. Wiltshire.  The Green Circle Program uses easy to understand language and introduces students to the ideas of tolerance, diversity, and equality as well as caring, sharing, and respect in a tangible manner.  Students are encouraged to keep friends and family close to them and "inside their green circle."  The circle itself is represented as a green circle because green symbolizes growth and life.  For more information about this wonderful program, please contact the school or ask your child!


green circle


Positive Action Class "Shout Outs" 


Classes who display excellence in behavior have the opportunity to receive a Positive Action Class "Shout Out".  A Positive Action card is filled out by teachers and staff detailing this excellent behavior.  All cards are read over the morning announcements and then posted throughout the school for all to see.


shout outs

The Hayshire Constitution

At the start of each school year, Hayshire students learn about our nation's constitution to honor Constitution Day.  Each class decides upon a statement of belief that best represents the class.  This statement of belief is written on a red or blue sentence strip and presented in front of the school during a constitution ceremony that coincides with the creation of the Hayshire rules.  The Hayshire Constitution is proudly on display in the Hayshire Cafe for all to see.  We The People Of Hayshire....